Size Chart



Hello! Thank you for your interest in ETERNA's collections and styles, it is a pleasure for us.

We understand that sometimes buying online is somewhat confusing because we do not know what size fits us exactly; thinking about that we prepare an equivalent in size, since our styles are European manufactured in Korea and in these continents the sizes are a little smaller than in America, if you are from Europe with a traditional texture you can acquire the sizes as is, but if you are american no matter if you are native american, latin descent, or african american our size adaptation is the right thing for you, therefore we ask you to orient yourself with it.

Always buy one size more than your usual size is our recommendation for your pieces to be perfect if you are American, Latin or African American. All the products in their description say their material linden, we invite you to observe, so that it consents to its characteristics.


Polyester: It does have expansion, and the piece has to have a strong elegant fabric. please confirm if it is combined with other material. This can change how much you can expand. For example, if it is with microfiber or nylon you will know that the expansion is minimal. But if it is with any other material like expanding, Cotton, rayon will be more elastic.

Nylon: Does not expand. It is characterized by being rigid and stable, it is obtained from wool or silk and allows us to give the product softness and an elegant light shine, you will love it, see what other material is combined.

Microfiber: It has nothing to expand. Microfiber is a very fine type of synthetic fiber with which a non-woven textile is made. It is very rigid. It is usually fabric of jackets and office dresses.

Rayon or spandex: It does have expanders.

Cotton: Yes, expand.

PU material: it is imitation leather.

We are very grateful that you are part of ETERNA. Our store works with little elastic materials, strong and firm fabrics, so it is very important that before making your purchase you stop to take your measurements with a centimeter from your home after comparing its dimensions with our sizes and finding the correspondence.

Please trust us and ask for the number that matches your centimeters, the pieces run in small sizes so we decided to make this table carefully with each of the items so that you feel comfortable with your product. We also leave here an idea of ​​the materials that make up our parts, read the description and confirm the material to determine if your part has expansions, please be sure to see what material it is exactly.

Our products are of high quality, we assure you of this, now we want you to help us ensure that they can use it and look beautiful with them in their activities. That is our main pleasure.