This initiative arises from the need to bring women an optimal solution for their purchases where they can obtain quality / exclusive products at prices without competition with a very personalized treatment.
ETERNA is a Boutique with social sense, we allocate 10% of the profits to put a smile on the face of children and young people in development through the foundation Sowing Love, Holding Wings. We are a great family. Welcome!
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¡Welcome to ETERNA Get a 10% discount: use the code - RRTTSSWP On your first purchase. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic some orders may be delayed
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I'm glad you're interested in buying at ETERNA WHOLESALE.
Please choose everything you want, make a capture and send us the product information by WhatsApp at 13059844584 or 18299666684.
You can also send us an email to EternaLosAngeles@gmail.com Keep in mind that you must buy a minimum of 6 pieces per style.
Have on hand your current seller's permit in your country of residence or in American territory.
You have to submit permission to process your order.
We only do wholesale shipments in the US. CANADA AND PUERTO RICO. If you belong to another country, you must have a courier company here to take care of delivering the products.
It will be a pleasure to help you grow your business.
Thank you for the opportunity.

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